water in my eyes

poems from a voluntary exile

Water in my eyes (Agua en mis ojos) started as a collection of poems from what Gabriela calls "a voluntary exile", meaning her life outside her motherland: the Dominican Republic. The poems started as a meditation on identity by reaching back to her roots in la Republica Dominicana from an outside perspective.

Now, the project seeks to dig deeper. These meditations have now become a "visual diary" that look do document routine, longing, love, loss, growth, and culture through a combination of poetry, music and visuals. A slice of Life.

The project is  now a multi-city, collaborative exploration of what unites us, bothers us and makes us stronger. The upcoming art will feature the work of other artists as they work with Gabriela to bring her words to life.

These "home movies" are dedicated to anyone who is itching to tell their story, but does not believe they have one.


if you're interested in working with Gabriela in this project, click here

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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