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September 25, 2015

"Lisa Loomer, a gifted, multiple award winning playwright was inspired to write Homefree after befriending a group of young homeless in Oregon while working at a theatre there. The stories of these kids lives were the basis of this play and her motivation to remind us that who we drive by every day, these invisible people, are just like us. Just as vulnerable, just as confused, with the same dreams and aspirations, but a very different perspective"


"The play is about three teens, Breezy, played spectacularly by the wonderful Gabriela Ortega, a pregnant and abused girl; Franklin, who she befriends, a sensitive, sweet young gay man kicked out of his home by his Christian family is played with such compassion and nuance by Lockne O’Brian that I wept…quite a few times; and JJ, a wild, fiercely loyal boy struggling with a drug addiction, and a violent childhood, played with passion and a sad joy by Barret Lewis. These precious souls create their own family. They protect each other and give each other the gift of kindness, something they longed for from their own families but were so tragically denied"


"All these characters are beautifully fleshed out by Loomer’s words and the actors' riveting work."



- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,


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